Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's love

Today we love



her bag

her earrings

her dress

' Today We Love' will feature Bamboo Junkies's love for anything fashionably beautiful, artistic and nonsensical......

Bamboo Junkies

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates and new hunts peeps!!...

The Bamboo Junkies are currently busy with their daily mayhem and are workin hard hunting for new beauties!!....

Though we like to belief that we're in California clad in sunnies and sipping on our favourite tea.....oh the life....

Promise promise to update very soon!!..

we're pretty excited about the next do keep watch!!...


The Bamboo Junkies

Monday, August 20, 2007

We blast our Stereos!

Thanks to all of you who have given us much much support....we lovee ya!

keep the love coming!! only pushes us to hunt for more more more!

we try to update with new pieces as much as we can while we juggle between work, social life, Wii, crapping, dance classes, boys and belly fulfillment....

Here are our new hunts:

Bamboo 9:
Vintage Grey t-shirt dress with black prints
fabric type: cotton + polyester

Bamboo 10:


Dark grey high waisted skirt with ribbon front and floral prints

Bamboo 11:


This is a handmade and handpainted leather clutch bag
white base with black paint streaks

Bamboo 12:


Handmade and handpainted leather clutch bag

Grey base with white streaks


Bamboo 13:


Baby blue blouse with square patterns (stretchable sleeves)

Fabric type: Light Schiffon


Bamboo 14:


Off-white pleated high waisted skirt

Fabric type: thick cotton


Bamboo 15:

Brown jersey sleeveless dress with pockets

fabric type: spandex + polyester


Bamboo 16:


Handmade retro big-ass cam necklace

made from wood


Bamboo 17:
Handmade and handpainted leather clutch bag

Bamboo 18:


White shift dress with black round collar


Bamboo 19:


Yellow kaftan dress with brown flower patterns


Give us a rat-a-tat at if you're interested in any of the pieces!

have fun shopping peeps!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Bamboo Stereo: The Opening

Hello Hello!


The Bamboo Junkies can finally let out a huge 'phew' after weeks of preparation for the opening of Bamboo Stereo from clothes hunting, photoshoots, laughing, dress-ups, mix-matching, feasting, crazy-ing, sleeping.....

It has been some crazy work for all 3 of us but it was definitely hellalota fun putting the pieces together. Thank god we're always well fed to survive this kinda workload.

Our pieces are hunted from everywhere and we only stock one piece for each designs (unless we love the piece so much we grab them in every other colour!..hah).. but still we rather not...

We hope you love our pieces as much as we love em'.

We're doin this because we're crazy and we hope you girls support this crazy lifestyle of ours !

Because its the grand opening and because we're in the mood of giving, we're giving our first 5 customers 15% discount off their purchases.

Let us hunt while you clad in our beauties!

The Bamboo Junkies

Bamboo 1:


Vintage inspired black & white rodeo off shoulder top

fabric type: cotton


Bamboo 2:


Black baby doll dress with frill sleaves

fabric type: polyester


Bamboo 3:


White t-shirt dress with bird prints

fabric type: cotton spandex


Bamboo 4:

Electric blue button-up shirt dress

fabric type: similiar to linen


Bamboo 5:

Green jersey printed dress with low cut back

fabric type: cotton spandex


Bamboo 6:

Vintage inspired floral dress with spaghetti straps

(and bow on one strap)

fabric type: schiffon type


Bamboo 7:

Gray Old Skool V-neck stretch dress

Fabric type: Cotton Spandex


Bamboo 8:
Vintage multicoloured purple top with black lace
fabric: cotton + lace
Give us a knock at if you're interested in any of our pieces!
1st 5 customers gets 15% discount!

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bamboo Junkies: We tell our stories

She has a weird obsession of collecting $1 & $2 coins in a bottle to prepare for any emergency needs a.k.a food. If we were to remove all the coins and start counting, we could survive off it for approximately 15 days, all 3 of us. Hence, she becomes a very valuable asset during the poorer periods. She would mix vodka and water if she has to cos she's an alcoholic in denial who can cook some kick arse thai green curry during her sober days. Tats think that her moaning habits in the middle of the night is somehow sexy but mostly peculiar. and because of that fact, we think her bf is one lucky man. She loves her English Breakfast Tea with milk on the side.

One would think she was a 2 year old kid because of her voice. Imagine a mouse with a mic on its hands, thats how she sounds like. She has a love-love relationship with her junk food cabinet(filled with things we should not disclose), which of many the other 2 bamboo junkies have a hate-hate relationship with. We're talking blended oat drink people. Blended Oat drink! Putting that all aside, Tats owns the best CV amongst us 3, makin the other two's resume look like a freakin wannabe. and because she's so great with numbers, she ended up as the financier of Bamboo Stereo. She loves her Bubble Tea.

The youngest of the Bamboo Junkies who also happens to be the president of the lizard assassinators club. When she's not being president, she's busy educating the nation about the secret art of eating 24/7. Cos she thinks she's quite good at that. In her normal life, she never fails to contribute her fair share of mess to the crib once every 3 days, or more so 3 times every one day. She sees that as more of art than mess, cos that's just how she is. Apart from secretly enjoying the mess in her apartment, she also enjoys the pleasure of having a mess on her head. and thus is often seen with hair of a nuthead. She luuuvvss green tea and occasionally some chamomile.