Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bamboo Stereo with Love

Its been quite a while....we know...we've all just been bz with everything and anything especially with Tats whopping out Modern Australian platters at Liquidity almost everyday..her hours are the craziest...poor girl..she's a chef in real life...and being a chef in the real world is no play...but at least she still spares time to feed the other 2 with her infamous kimchi hot pot...oh heaven-ness....

Hope you laydays enjoy our beauties this time around...we worked hard on it....and we had some awesome fun pickin and selecting...

have fun shopping....

Bamboo 20:
This piece is absolute vintage with attached blue cloth to tie around the waist.
tie it as u like it to fit the body

we love this

would work for both day and night


Bamboo 21:


We absolutely love this spanish-inspired schiffon top

with floral and lace detailings

wear it with a skirt, bottom or over a dress like how we did


Bamboo 22:

Work the school girl look with this mini frock

lovely lovely

fabric type: cotton+spandex


Bamboo 23:


this one's a body hugging lil piece made from cotton

bubbly tulip skirt

(white baby-t not included)


Bamboo 24:


We had some crazy shit for this dress shot

we couldnt take a nice happy shot and ended up with these

Yee's absolute rape shot

hahaha....but we're loving it....

perfect for this coming spring/summer


Bamboo 25:


This is absolutely LOOOVEEE

a baby tee top adjoint to a tube dress

comes with matching ribbon to adjust according to ur waistline

made from 100% cotton

yum yum


Bamboo 26:

This is yee trying to work the Japanese Kawaii Look
she almost did it quite naturally
this cotton gingham fabric is great to wear out with thongs and flats..
but Yee insisted on wearing heels
either way works


Bamboo 27:
Chelle calls this the laid back drape
drape it over anything and still look like ure working it
made from cotton spandex


Bamboo 28:
This is the epitome of SWEETTT
very light weight in fabric with a high slit on the side
almost feels like ur wearing nothing...cos its that light weight


Bamboo 29:


Absolutely love this vintage crop top with yatch detailings and lace bottom

this piece is all ocean, sea and yatch....

love love love...


Bamboo 30:


We love this whole LuLu-look white polka and more polka

bright yellow for summer

we cant wait for winter to go away...seriously

(white baby-t not included)


Bamboo 31:


Our absolute favourite piece!!..

Grey Cardi Dress to drape over for those lazy care free days

perfect for the minimalist-look


note: We're generally Australian size 8, a general small

Mail us at if u like to enquire or grab one of our beauties!!

have fun have fun

We love you all


Bamboo Junkies