Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bamboo Junkies: We tell our stories

She has a weird obsession of collecting $1 & $2 coins in a bottle to prepare for any emergency needs a.k.a food. If we were to remove all the coins and start counting, we could survive off it for approximately 15 days, all 3 of us. Hence, she becomes a very valuable asset during the poorer periods. She would mix vodka and water if she has to cos she's an alcoholic in denial who can cook some kick arse thai green curry during her sober days. Tats think that her moaning habits in the middle of the night is somehow sexy but mostly peculiar. and because of that fact, we think her bf is one lucky man. She loves her English Breakfast Tea with milk on the side.

One would think she was a 2 year old kid because of her voice. Imagine a mouse with a mic on its hands, thats how she sounds like. She has a love-love relationship with her junk food cabinet(filled with things we should not disclose), which of many the other 2 bamboo junkies have a hate-hate relationship with. We're talking blended oat drink people. Blended Oat drink! Putting that all aside, Tats owns the best CV amongst us 3, makin the other two's resume look like a freakin wannabe. and because she's so great with numbers, she ended up as the financier of Bamboo Stereo. She loves her Bubble Tea.

The youngest of the Bamboo Junkies who also happens to be the president of the lizard assassinators club. When she's not being president, she's busy educating the nation about the secret art of eating 24/7. Cos she thinks she's quite good at that. In her normal life, she never fails to contribute her fair share of mess to the crib once every 3 days, or more so 3 times every one day. She sees that as more of art than mess, cos that's just how she is. Apart from secretly enjoying the mess in her apartment, she also enjoys the pleasure of having a mess on her head. and thus is often seen with hair of a nuthead. She luuuvvss green tea and occasionally some chamomile.


joe said...

those bios are brilliant

Ky said...

lmao. ur site is hillarious. u girls sound awesome!