Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bamboo Stereo Moving Out Sales (1)

Hey babes
Yes, we're movin out! So we gotta sell ALLL. Do lend us a helping hand by pickin up some pieces. We're goin as low as we possibly can. We're talking as low as AUD$8!! Call it a junkyard sale, call it a flea market...but all HAS GOTTA GO!! You gota help us with the packing or we might die trying!

Bamboo Sales 1:
Black and Yellow Handmade clutch

Bamboo Sales 2:

Heart backward Slouch tee

Bamboo Sales 3:


Black & White stripe top

Bamboo Sales 4:


Tropical inspired tube dress

Bamboo Sales 5:


Vintage grandmama dress

Bamboo Sales 6:

mustard Yellow vintage inspired dress

Bamboo Sales 7:

Mesh clutch

Bamboo Sales 8:
Wheat colour vest

Bamboo Sales 9:

Black top with lace details

Bamboo Sales 10:

Green Boho Top

Bamboo Sales 11:


Grey lazy knit top

Bamboo Sales 12:

Vintage orange clutch

Note: a few small scratches.

Bamboo Sales 13:
Brown jersey dress

Bamboo Sales 14:


Floral summer dress

Bamboo Sales 15:
Cotton floral shirt

Bamboo Sales 16:


Casual green jersey dress

Bamboo Sales 17:

Blue Tropical Dress

Bamboo Sales 18:


Grey top with lace detailings

Bamboo Sales 19:


Multicoloured candy top

Bamboo Sales 20:
Old skool red and white top

Bamboo Sales 21:


Forest green jersey top/dress

Bamboo Sales 22:


Cream vintage vest

Bamboo Sales 23:


Black and White floral cut off top

Bamboo Sales 24:
Old Skool Denim cut offs

Bamboo Sales 25:


Old Skool floral top with puff sleeves

Bamboo Sales 26:


Mocha casual top

Bamboo Sales 27:

White crop top

Bamboo Sales 28:


Vintage white shirt with floral detailings


Hit us a mail at if you'd like to buy any of the pieces above!!!


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