Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Nus Bad Nus!

Hey loves!

We know its been a while. What with our massive interstate move and what nots, phhooo!

Anyhows, we've got some good nus and bad nussss.

Bad nuusss, Bamboo Stereo is taking a looonngg break! The Yee and The Chelle are currently stuck in 2 different states, so treausure hunting together is pretty much impossible. Boo Hoo. But before you think its the end of Bamboo Stereo, think twice!! Cos knowing us, we've got backsides as itchy as baboons (mischieve, mischieve, hehe), so you never know where we might take u next eyh!? Make sure u keep a good look out for us! =)

Thanx to all of you who have supported us from DAY 1!! oh, we remember those days, where we would stare into the computer screen chanting,' PLease buy ppl, please like uuuus,Pllleasseeee'..... Oh the stresss..........but thanx to all you girls, all was worth it!!!

Now the Good Nussss! Like we said, The Bamboo Junkies with nothing to do and backsides too itchy, have gotten a bit crazy with the plannings. So instead, we thought, why not spread the love in 3 different directions! A lil confused? haha

Instead of 1 store, we're turning them into 3! All 3 of us: Chelle, Yee (Yes yee, you're doing it!) & Cee (remember remember!) are all running our seperate stores under 1 family tree!Woo Hoo! Unfortunately we're launching all 3 at different times, but we're starting off with Chelle's store for now (with a new partner in crime). The other 2 will be coming its way very very soon!

So for those of you with a curious mind, take a peak at Chelle's store over at


Krystal said...

might wanna fix your link :)

you left out the blogspot part.

princiie_orientalneze said...

wel . i l ove your black and white sweater . did it sold out ? wel . i am indonesian . so , can i buy that sweater ??

my email :

need your answer !

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Tchai said...

your finds are awesome! can't wait to see more!

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